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3 Best Free Shooting Games To Play Now on Android

  Are you looking for a great shooting game app to enjoy in your spare time? Let’s check it out my article to find out 3 most popular shooting apps for free.

Shooting games attract to all kinds of players for a long time and people love to play them in spite of the fact that they have no idea how to shoot actual people.

These days, there are tons of shooting game apps on Android that include some of the same features.  However, there are some shooting game apps for Android that come with unique features that make them really popular. Now I want to show a list of the 3 best shooting games available for Android phones and tablets.

Dead Trigger 2 
When starting to play Dead Trigger 2, you will join in the Global Resistance in which you will have the task to kill zombies. So this game is not made for players who are soft-hearted at all.

It contains:

33 unique environments

More than 10 hours of special missions

Over 500 gameplay scenarios

37 types of weapons for you to select from.

You can choose to use non-traditional melee weapons like the Big Hammer or Machete. It means that Dead Trigger 2 not only has a bunch of gun weapons for you to choose but also comes with full fantastic, stunning graphics for you to enjoy the great experience with it.

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PUBG is regarded as one of the most popular shooting games for Android among shooting game fans. You will have the chance to parachute into an island along with 99 other players
 After landing on the destination they selected, 100 players have to loot resources such as a guns, ammo, a pan, bandages, energy drinks, first aid kits, armour, bags, and more from abandoned buildings.

PUBG allows you to automatically loot the needed resource. For example, when your character walk over a gun or ammo for a gun you have, you will instantly pick it up right away without having to tap. 

Moreover, it even includes a visual indicator on the map and most of the time, you can see direction of shots from the minimap if you are playing without headphones. The lighting and sound effects are extremely high, for instance, each type of guns and cars has its own sound effects. It allows you to choose to play in FPP and TPP mode.

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  Critical Ops

  Just like Counter-Strike junkie, Critical Ops allows you to play a multiplayer FPS in its purest form. You can see that there is no distinct advantage among free and new users since it does not have pay-to-play schemes.

The fact is that the graphics and weapons are not the best when compared with other FPS games out there like Counter-Strike or PUBG, still, Critical Ops is highly appreciated for the simplicity of the game. Once you dig deep into its online combat, you’ll struggle to get back out again. 

You will have the chance to choose between 2 sides: counter-terrorist and terrorist. Each side starts in two scenarios: deathmatch and bombing/defusing. After that, you have to simply select your gun or firearms in order to start to fight against your rival.

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  In conclusion, I hope that everything in article can help you to choose the right shooting app for you to enjoy great time alone.